The NODCC Community includes individuals with DCC, as well as their parents, families and supporters, coming together from around the world to share resources, stories, and social support.

NODCC Community Gatherings are open to the public and are hosted by NODCC members. Register on the mailing list to receive notification about NODCC Community Gatherings in your area.

Online NODCC Community for Members

NODCC Members also get access to the interactive NODCC Community sections described below. These online tools facilitate resource sharing, foster greater understanding about life with DCC, and promote open communication and dialogue among members.

Our Stories is a collection of stories written by people with DCC, as well as by their family members, friends, teachers, coworkers, and coaches. These stories give us a window into lives impacted by DCC. Take a few minutes to read Our Stories and ‘like’ on your favorites!

Discussion Board is a great place for sharing experiences, ideas and resources relevant to living with DCC. Simply leave a message on the board and check back to see response messages. This forum is easy to use, doesn’t clutter email, and is accessible 24/7.

Networking Center Do you want to connect with other NODCC members in your area? Or do you want to find other people who have the same diagnosis or have had to deal with similar medical concerns? Use the interactive search options and our anonymous messaging system to connect with other members who have experience with specific conditions, treatments, or behaviors, or who may know about resources in your area.

Resource Library Finding effective professional help can be very challenging, especially when you are looking for someone who can help with a somewhat uncommon condition like DCC. The NODCC Community Resource Library contains information provided by other members like you and allows members to offer their opinions about services rendered.

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