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Vehicles for Charity (VFC) is a comprehensive vehicle donation program, developed and implemented to provide for prompt and professional disposition of vehicles donated to VFC, which handles all details of the vehicle donation process.

NDSS will receive 80% of the profits from a donated vehicle. Profit is the net after towing and auction fee is deducted from the sale price, which is usually around $125.

The other 20% will go to Metropolitan ARC, a Colorado nonprofit organization that established VFC, which means that 100% of the profits from this vehicle donation program stay in the disability community.

Here is how it works:

The initial inquiry, in the form of a phone call or completion of an online form, takes less than ten minutes. NDSS should be the charity named on the form.

The donor is instructed to remove the license plates from the vehicle and sign the title prior to pick­up, which is arranged by a local auto auction.

Vehicle pick­up is scheduled with the tow company within 2­4 business days.

Depending on the condition of the vehicle, it is either taken to an auction for sale or to an auto crusher for recycling purposes.

A donation acknowledgement is mailed to the donor within 30 days following the sale of the vehicle.

NDSS receives a contribution from sales once a month.

Please visit the Vehicles for Charity website to donate your car to benefit NDSS.

For questions regarding vehicle donation please contact the NDSS Development Department at


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Phone: (714) 747-0063
Fax: (714) 693-0808
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