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Help Support NODCC by making a donation and make a difference in the life of someone living with a disorder of the corpus callosum! The NODCC is supported by donations from our membership and by gifts from non-member donors, including foundations and corporations.

We also welcome memorial and honorary donations. When you make a gift to the NODCC, your contribution will support: a network of families and professionals sharing information and emotional support; communication and collaboration among medical, scientific and other professionals; publication and distribution of educational materials; expanding and improving the NODCC’s web-based resources, podcasts, bulletins, ‘Our Stories’ and the Family Partnership Program; and raising awareness of disorders of the corpus callosum worldwide.

The NODCC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Our federal tax I.D. number is 33-1029337.

Donations can be made online or by mailing in a donation form.

Additional Ways You Can Help Support the NODCC

Restricted Gift You can designate your donation be used to support a particular NODCC program or project that is important to you.

Matching Gift Your gift to the NODCC may be matched by your employer. Corporations with matching gift programs may double your gift to the organization. Please check with your employer before making an individual contribution to see if a matching donation is available.

Honorary or Memorial Gift The NODCC often receives gifts from friends and families of an individual in honor of a special event in their lives such as a birthday, wedding, baptism, etc. The organization also receives gifts on behalf of an individual with a disorder of the corpus callosum in memory of their deceased loved ones.

Bequest of Securities, Life Insurance or Property You may also name the NODCC as the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy or property that can be sold with the profit donated to the organization. Publicly traded stock that has appreciated in value will be gratefully accepted by the organization.

Gifts and Services in Kind The NODCC also appreciates donations of personal property such as equipment or supplies that can be used by the Central Office or can be given as gifts at the DCC Conferences and sold in the Silent Auction. We also welcome information about special talents or professional expertise you might wish to contribute to NODCC, particularly in the areas of organizational development and conference production. Please contact the NODCC Central Office regarding gifts or services you wish to donate.

Ways you can assist the NODCC to be a catalyst for research

  • Sponsor clinical psychology doctoral students from Fuller Graduate School of Psychology who coordinate the Adults Living with a DCC program at the semi-annual DCC Conferences. Funds are needed to cover the expense of their travel, lodging and meals at the conference.
  • Support research by providing funds to cover the cost of meeting rooms and conference fees for scientists and their teams to conduct research at the semi-annual DCC Conferences.
  • Help provide seed money for doctoral students to set-up and conduct dissertation research on disorders of the corpus callosum.
  • Help fund informational mailings from the NODCC to the organization’s membership regarding on-going research projects.
  • Refer interested DCC researchers to the NODCC to have their proposals submitted to the SAB.

Thank you for your investment in the NODCC! Your tax-deductible gift will help thousands of people living with a DCC through support, education and research.


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