The NODCC is looking for volunteers!

Thank you for your interest in serving on a NODCC Committee for a one-year term. The functions of the various Committees are outlined below. Kindly select the committees in which you would like to participate.

We understand in the beginning there may be a learning curve for you. Be assured your Committee Chair and other committee members will be available to assist you if you have any questions. And, you may bring expertise we do not have that could be of great benefit to the committee and to the organization in general. Please do not hesitate to share your experiences, ideas and suggestions.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in our efforts to raise the public profile, understanding and acceptance of disorders of the corpus callosum and those who are living with this disorder.

Warm regards,
NODCC Board of Directors


Communications Committee

The Communication Committee is responsible for the management of printed, electronic and published materials, website content, social media and public relations.

We need committee volunteers to help:

  • Monthly eNewsletters – need writers for various sections of the eNewsletters, educational podcasts, internet videos, media kit
  • Social Media – need volunteers to contribute information for the Center Office to post on the NODCC Facebook page, and monitor other social media networking sites
  • Website – need volunteers to gather and post resources in the Resource Library, add to Our Stories, suggest information and articles of interest for all sections
  • DCC Awareness Day – need volunteers to help organize the event, write media content, and serve as the social media interface
  • Public Relations – need volunteers to create awareness for the organization through local media for educational stories on DCC, promotion of the NODCC, and special events announcements
  • NODCC Annual Report – need writers to assist in creating the report
Community Committee

The Community Committee is responsible for creating avenues of interface and support between the organization and its membership including development of regional communities, networking programs, resources and educational materials.

The NODCC supports the Regional Communities with

–  Suggestions on how to form an autonomous group or gathering

– Ideas for conducting formal and informal meetings and arranging group activities/gatherings

– Supply member contact information (maintain all liability releases on file in the Central Office)

– Post Regional Community contact information and announcements on the NODCC website

– Mail or electronic communications regarding Regional Community events and fundraisers

We need committee volunteers to help organize and serve on the Regional Committees

The Regional Community Support Teams serve as local area first responders (requires a team leader and a telephone tree), and provides support connection to families/individuals in the local area.

  • Need volunteers to contact newly diagnosed families/individuals via telephone, email, or in-person (Central Office is the first responder who connects inquirer to appropriate the Regional Community Team)
  • Need volunteers to help connect previously diagnosed families/individuals to one another either geographically, by age, by gender, and/or by diagnosis
  • Need volunteers to organize local area family gatherings
  • Need volunteers to help organize regional fundraising events

We need committee volunteers to help with Resources

  • We need volunteers to write sections of the Resource/Educational Packets on the website (topics include early intervention, elementary school/IEP, understanding adolescence, adult transition, alternative therapies, toileting, dental, eye/hearing, DCC behaviors, etc.)
  • We need volunteers to research and provide information for the website’s Resource Guide including local service providers, state/local financial aid resources, and state/local educational/legal advocacy resources
Governance Committee

The Corporate Documents committee is responsible for ensuring the organization’s management and legal documents are monitored and current, and Board meetings are conducted in accordance with the organization’s Bylaws and parliamentary procedure.

We need committee volunteers to help

  • Monitor the Annual Plan Dashboard to ensure Executive Committee Chairs are updating activity reports
  • Present the Annual Plan at the biannual Board meeting with an analysis, and ensuring appropriate updates, revisions and additions are incorporated into the plan
  • Conduct an annual review of the NODCC’s Bylaws & Policies with recommendations for revisions as require
  • Conduct an annual review of the Board Member Orientation and Manual with appropriate re-writes
  • Maintain the historical records of the organization (e.g. meeting minutes, chronology, reports)
  • Maintain the NODCC Committee Responsibilities document
Development Committee

The Development Committee is responsible for procuring funding for the operation of the organization, conferences and special projects through grants, membership drives, individual/corporate donations, signature fundraisers and events, regional fundraisers and events.

We need committee volunteers to help:

  • Fundraising Plan and Calendar – need volunteers to assist in creation and maintenance
  • Annual Membership Drive – need volunteers to write solicitation materials for print and website
  • Donor Acquisition & Stewardship – need volunteers to cultivate prospective large donors through families/friends/local businesses; develop corporate sponsor and celebrity partnerships (referrals, correspondence, meetings); and recruit in-kind services
  • Regional Community Fundraising – need volunteers to serve on regional teams to promote and assist in Regional Community fundraising activities; maintain information in the fundraising section on the NODCC website; write a monthly update on fundraising activities for the eNewsletter
  • Event Templates – need volunteers to create fundraiser templates to post on the NODCC website (e.g. golf tournament, local restaurant sponsor night, gift wrapping event, race/walk, community yard sale)



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