We are the Oren family: Kip, Kim, Jordin (18), and Shafer (11). We live in Austin, Texas. We learned about Jordin’s DCC when he was 12 years old after an endocrinologist ordered an MRI to look at his pituitary gland for possible growth hormone related concerns. We attended our first conference in Boston in 2013 only 3 months after learning about his condition. Jordin has complete ACC and is currently working hard to improve his reading comprehension skills and standardized test performance. He loves to swim and play piano. Jordin’s goal is to make swimming regionals during his senior year of high school this year. He is also enrolled in a personal training course and hopes to become a certified personal trainer when he graduates. Our hope for Jordin after he graduates high school is for him to find meaningful employment that will allow him to live independently and happily.


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Author Name: : Kim Oren