Conference Lecture Handouts

The following handouts represent the information available at the time of the respective conference and the perspectives of the specific presenter. Information pertaining to scientific research, public policy and professional opinion may change subsequent to future revelations in these areas.

2016 Conference Lecture Handouts

Alternative Therapies: Music (2016) – Becky Wellman, Ph.D., L.M.P.T., M.T. pdf

Education Strategies for Children Ages 5-12 (2016) – Kimberly Oren, M.Ed. pdf

Speech & Language: Pragmatic, Cues, etc… (2016) – Janine Sabal, S.L.P. pdf

Speech, Language & Assistive Tech: Non Verbal (2016) – Janine Sabal, S.L.P. & Angela Tennant, L.B.S. pdf

Special Needs Legal & Future Planning (2016) – Brian Rubin, J.D. pdf

Supporting Social Development Ages 5-12 (2016) – Melanie Bogue, M.Ed. & Lisa Passarelli, M.Ed. pdf, citations

2004 – 2014 Conference Lecture Handouts

ACC and Associated Features (2004) – Elliott Sherr, M.D., Ph.D. pdf

ACC and Autism (2004) – Glena Andrews, Ph.D. & Denise Badaruddin, M.A. pdf

ACC and Health Issues (2004) – Donna Doherty, M.S., R.N. pdf

Accessing Social & Educational Services (2003) – Donna Rosenbery, Ph.D. pdf

Achieving Early Childhood Developmental Milestones (2012) – Amy Rodriguez pdf

Adolescent Issues & Social Skills (2003) – Lynn K. Paul, Ph.D. & Janiece Turnbull, Ph.D. pdf

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy (2014) – Anh-Tram “Chum” Newcomb, B.A. pdf

Apraxia: The Basics (2006) – Barbara C. Moore, M.A., CCC-SLP pdf

Apraxia: Challenges & Treatment (2006) – Barbara C. Moore, M.A., CCC-SLP pdf

Assistive Technology (2014) – Assistive Technology – Therese Willkomm, Ph.D. pdf

Behavior Management (2003) – Matt Levi, M.A. & Gary L. Schilmoeller, Ph.D. pdf

Behavior Modification Techniques (2008) – Mary Pipan, M.D. pdf

Callosal Disorder Basics: Neuroanatomy and Cognitive Functions (2014) – Warren S. Brown, Ph.D. pdf

Children with ACC and Their Siblings: How alike are they? (2004) – Gary Schilmoeller, Ph.D., Kathryn Schilmoeller, Ph.D., & Shihfen Tu Ph.D. pdf

Constructing your Child’s IEP (2014) – Richard Chamovitz, Esq pdf Special Education Flow Chart

DCC & Spectrum Behaviors: ADD, ADHD & Autism (2008) – Marie Lewis, R.N., Ph.D. pdf

DCC & Spectrum Behaviors: ADD, ADHD & Autism (2008) – Mary Pipan, M.D. pdf

Dealing with Grief and Loss (2006) – Kathleen McFarlin, M.A. Ed. pdf

Developing Self Esteem & Social Skills Age 5-12 (2008) – Cindy Schneider, M.Ed. & Susan March, O.T. pdf

Development of the Corpus Callosum: Agenesis, Partial and Hypoplasia (2006) – John Bodensteiner, M.D. pdf

Educational Suggestions for Children with ACC: A Beginning (1999) – Kathryn Schilmoeller, Ph.D. pdf

Encouraging Independence: Self-Toileting (2007) – Brenda Batts pdf

Epilepsy and Seizure Management (2007) – John Bodensteiner, M.D. pdf

Financial Planning, Trusts and Social Security (2007) – Rick O’Connor Jr., J.D. pdf1 pdf2

General Recommendations for Facilitating the Educational Experience for Children with DCC (2009) – Kristen Barge, M.S., LCSW pdf

How to Get the Most from Your Neurologist Visit (2007) – Elliott Sherr, M.D., Ph.D. pdf

Imagination, Lying, and Confabulation (2003) – Kathryn J. Schilmoeller, Ph.D. & Lynn K. Paul, Ph.D. pdf

Inclusion vs. Resource Room Discussion (2004) – Donna Rosenbery, Ph.D., Marsha Gregg, & Kristi Weiss pdf

Living in Holland: Grief, Guilt, Anger and Hope (2012) – Mimi Raper, Rev. pdf

Neuropsychological Education Evaluations (2008) – James Gillock, Ed.D., ABSNP pdf

Nutrition and Developing and Healthy Diet (2014) – Laura Hartung, R.D.N. Healthier Child Nutrition Brownie Recipe Taco Recipe Gluten Free Snacks

Psychiatric, Neurobiologic, & Psychopharmacology Referrals (2010) – Thomas Kappeler, M.D. pdf

Recommendations for Elementary School Children (2006) – Kristen Barge, M.S., LCSW pdf

Social Skills for Younger Children (2003) – Donna Doherty, M.S., R.N. pdf

Special Education and IEPs (2008) – Richard Chamovitz, Esq pdf

Speech and Language: The Non-verbal Child (2014) – Melina McCrary, M.S., C.C.C.-S.L.P. pdf

Speech and Language: Pragmatics, Body Language and Social Cues (2014) – Shelby Gitlin, M.S., C.C.C.-S.L.P. pdf

Speech & Language Issues Associated with ACC (2004) – JoAnne Tully, M.S., S.L.P. pdf

Special Needs Financial Planning (2012) – Patricia F. Sitchler, J.D., C.E.L.A. pdf

Supporting Your Child’s Social Development Ages 5-12 (2012) – Sharon Neill, M.A. pdf

Teaching Social Skills (2004) – Andy Paulson, Ph.D. pdf

Transitioning to Adulthood (2008) – Marie Lewis, R.N., Ph.D. pdf

Troubling Topics for Teens & Twenties (2004) – Lynn K. Paul, Ph.D. pdf

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