My Big Brother

At my school, which is a Boys school, I usually got picked on until I finally told my brother.

This kid same grade as me a real “pretty boy” who thinks that I’m, like, dirt was really pissing me off and so I hit him in the face, fair enough. Well he got me back.

When I was about to sit down on the bus to go home, the only people on the bus was his mates a few girls from class and me so there was about 10 people on the bus, and he stands up in front of me. Suddenly he grabs my pants and pulls them down then his mate pulls out his Polaroid and SNAP he got me. I was sooo embarrassed. I pulled my pants up and ran off the bus to catch the next one. But to my surprise the stop were I was about to get off my brother was standing waiting for the bus. He asks me where I was going I turn around and Josh is holding the picture and so I said “no where”. I sat next to him on the bus all the way home.


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