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Frequently Asked Questions for Olam’s Piggybank2019-08-07T21:05:13+00:00
Does my family have too much household income to qualify for a grant?2019-05-14T15:06:57+00:00

We put significant emphasis on income when making grant decisions, but we also realize that one’s family situation is not always explained by a number. This is why we ask for a description of family situation in the application. Families with annual household incomes below $75,000 will be considered first, but we do not automatically disqualify applicants because of incomes of $75,000 or more.

Will I need to provide the NODCC with documentation about my income?2019-05-14T15:08:03+00:00

The NODCC may request such documentation as a condition for payment of any Olam’s Piggybank Grant.

I have multiple children with callosal disorders. Do I need to sub