The NODCC operates with a part-time staff member and volunteer Board of Directors and committee members. We work with family members and professionals who have a passion for helping fulfill our mission to enhance the quality of life and promote opportunities for individuals with disorders for the corpus callosum.

Here are the ways you can get involved as a volunteer with the NODCC:

Board of Directors:
Our Board of Directors make both a time and financial commitment to the NODCC. We have 15-25 Board members with varying professional backgrounds who serve two-year terms. The Board meets twice a year and guides the programs of the organization.

Committee Involvement: The Board of Directors has several committees with opportunities for involvement and support.

  1. Communications – This committee is all about ideas! This group helps develop themes and topics for stories, blogs, campaigns and fundraisers. Our needs include:
    • Writers or organizers for monthly newsletter, blog, website, and other stories/content
    • Graphic designers to help design graphics and visuals
    • Video production of short social media videos and other content
    • Creative minds to spark new thinking
  2. Governance – This committee is responsible for ensuring the organization’s management and legal documents are monitored and current. The governance committee oversees bylaws, policies, contracts and more for the organization.
  3. Development – This committee is responsible for funding for the operation and programs of the NODCC. Current development needs include:
    • New ideas for online fundraisers, new fundraising platforms, events, and more
    • Volunteers to support development efforts including corporate sponsorship, foundations, individual donor drives, signature fundraisers, etc.
    • Volunteers to organize local fundraisers
    • Support in funding for 2022 Conference in Texas
  4. Community: This group serves as local first-responders providing support to newly diagnosed families or other local needs. Volunteers in local cities or states can help organize family gatherings or fundraisers to strengthen the connection between families. Current development needs include:
    • Organization of different community or regional groups
    • Host family gatherings or events in local communities
    • Serve a first responder to families that need support
    • Create and support virtual community calls

Download the information sheet here: NODCC Board of Directors and Committee Overview

If you are interested in getting involved with any opportunities or have other skills or talents to share, please contact Barb Fonseca at info@nodcc.org.

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