Connecting people affected by disorders of the corpus callosum is at the heart of what we do at the NODCC. We are excited to increase and improve our virtual community sessions and offer presentations and discussions with experts.

If you would like to suggest a topic for a virtual session, please contact our Community Committee at

May 20: Special Needs Trust Workshop
May 25: Tiers of Friendship

Presentation: Special Needs Trust Workshop
May 20, 2021
3:00 pm PST / 4:00 pm MST / 5:00 pm CST / 6:00 pm EST

Special needs trust attorney, Tresi Moore Weeks, presents how you can plan for your child’s future and gain peace of mind knowing your child will be cared for. In the presentation, we will use case studies to discuss:

  • Basics of government benefits (SSI/Medicaid) and eligibility requirements
  • How to leave an inheritance to your child without losing benefits
  • Special Needs Trusts overview
  • Types of special needs trusts and when to use them
  • Leaving life insurance and retirement accounts to a special needs trust
  • What the trust funds can be used for
  • How to choose a trustee
  • What other essentials do you need (wills, powers of attorney, beneficiary changes)
  • ABLE Accounts and when to use them
  • How to create the best possible outcome for your child

Tresi Moore Weeks is an attorney and founder of The Weeks Law Firm, PLLC in Plano, Texas, where
she assists families with estate and special needs planning. As an advocate for her own family
members, she became active with the disability rights and advocacy community. Her special needs
law practice has grown out of these experiences and her desire to help other families with loved ones
with disabilities.

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Presentation: Tiers of Friendship (Open to All)
May 25, 2021
4:00 pm PST / 5:00 pm MST / 6:00 pm CST / 7:00 pm EST

“Tiers of Friendship,” is about learning how to navigate the social world and build a healthy social structure, developing social connections with friends, co-workers, and school. This session is great for parents and adults with DCC.

Elisabeth Martinec is the oldest sibling to an adult with complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. She has a degree in education. Beth currently lives in Arizona and works as an interior designer that specializes in kitchens.

“Tiers of Friendship was eye opening for me! It helped me look at who I had in my life and figure out the difference between best friend, friend, co-worker, and acquaintance. I saw how much I was giving, but not receiving in a “friendship”. Since realizing how the “tier” works, parts of my life have become less stressful and more meaningful.” — Katherine Gee, mother/adult with DCC

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