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We encourage you to submit your recommendations to the Central Office anytime you find a resource you believe would be beneficial to our NODCC Community, please email us (

Support and Advocacy

ACC List Serv
The Arc
Center for Parent Information and Resources


NIH – National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

The Brain

Dana Foundation

Affiliated Disorders and Affiliated Organizations

Aicardi Syndrome
Angelman Syndrome Foundation
AusDoCC (Australia)
Corpal (UK)
Hydrocephalus Association
National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)


Resources for Transition to Adulthood

MPACT – Parent Training and Resources
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET)
Pacer Center – Champions for Children with Disabilities
The Full Life Ahead Foundation

Helpful Reading

The books and articles listed below are reading recommendations from other NODCC members and cover a broad range of topics. The NODCC has not reviewed these recommendations and does not advocate any interventions or information held within the publications.

If you would like to submit a recommendation, please contact us with: title, author(s), date of publication, publisher, type of publication (article or book), and a brief (less than 100 word) description of the content and usefulness of this suggestion for other families. Please submit recommendations of non-scientific articles to include in this section (

Sensory Integration and the Child: 25th Anniversary Edition by A. Jean Ayres, 2005.

The Out-of-Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz, 2006.

Road Map to Holland by Jennifer Graf Groneberg, 2008.

Taking Care of Myself: A Hygiene, Puberty, and Personal Curriculum for Young People with Autism by Mary Wrobel, 2003.

The Official Patients Sourcebook on Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum by James N. Parker, MD and Philip M. Parker, PhD, Editors

The Golden Bridge: A Guide to Assistance Dogs for Children Challenged By Autism or Other Developmental Disabilities (New Discoveries in the Human-Animal Bond) by Patty Dobbs Gross

Handbook on Animal-Assisted Therapy, Second Edition: Theoretical Foundations and Guidelines for Practice by Aubrey H. Fine

Therapy Pets: The Animal-Human Healing Partnership by Jacqueline J. Crawford, Karen A. Pomerinke and Donald W. Smith

Pet Assisted Therapy: A Loving Intervention and an Emerging Profession–Leading to a Friendlier, Healthier and More Peaceful World by Pearl Salotto