The NODCC offers grants made possible with donations from foundations, individuals, corporations or other opportunities. Below are the current grant opportunities that exist through the NODCC.

Olam’s Piggybank Grant Program

Thanks to a generous grant from The Swan Foundation, the NODCC provides twice-yearly grants
to families and individuals that need assistive devices and technologies. Grant applicants
must be impacted by a disorder of the corpus callosum.

Olam’s Piggybank Grants are made according to the following schedule:

Application Cycle Open Application Period Families to be Notified By
Winter Cycle October 1 to October 31 December 1
Summer Cycle May 1 to May 31 July 1 or at the Biennial NODCC Conference

Eligible Items

The term “assistive devices and technologies” is to be interpreted liberally. These devices include devices and technologies that improve the quality of life for those impacted by callosal disorders. Such items can include, but are not limited to, assistive software and applications, feeding aids, mobility aids, audio or visual aids, and educational-technology aids (all as determined by the NODCC in its sole discretion).

Non-Eligible Items

  • Services
  • Therapy
  • Mobile Phones and Tablets (such as iPads) unless the supplier locks it into a single application.
  • Service Animals or Accessories for Service Animals

Grant Criteria

A special committee reviews grant applications and then awards the Olam’s Piggybank Grants. All such awards are final when made. Applications presented to the committee by NODCC staff will not contain identifying information of the applicants. The committee will determine the number and amounts of each Olam’s Piggybank Grant during each semi-annual cycle. The monetary amount of all Olam’s Piggybank Grants to be awarded for any semi-annual cycle will not exceed $2,500.00 in total. The number of grants awarded will depend on the number, quality, and the dollar amount requested in the applications received. Requests for endowments or multi-year grants will not be accepted.

    • The committee will review the following factors when considering whether to approve a grant request:

      • Completion of the Grant Application Form: The application must be completed in its entirety. Partially completed Grant Application Forms will not be considered.
      • Amount of Grant Request: Grants are expected to range between $200.00 and $1,000.00.
      • Household Income: While there is no income cap, the applications of lower-income families will be strongly considered.
      • Potential Benefit of Assistive Devices and Technologies: The grant’s mission is to fund the effective use of assistive devices and technologies that will better the lives of families in need who are impacted by callosal disorders.

Once approved for an Olam’s Piggybank Grant, families will have one year to spend the funds for the approved assistive devices and technologies.

Please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Click the following link to access the Olam’s Piggybank Grant Application Form:

The Inspiration for Olam’s Piggybank Grants: Never Giving Up

The inspiration for Olam’s Piggybank Grants is a boy named Olam (pronounced ō-lŏm). Olam and his twin sister, Eliana, were born in October 2006. The twins’ parents soon realized that Olam was delayed in his developmental milestones but had no idea why. One week shy of his first birthday, a febrile seizure landed Olam in the intensive care unit. When the medical professionals performed an MRI at the hospital, Olam’s parents learned that he had a disorder of the corpus callosum.

Olam’s parents were told that he might not walk or communicate. But they never gave up. The family’s philosophy for Olam has been to provide him with every opportunity so that he can lead a typical life. Olam was significantly delayed in walking. But he never gave up. He started crawling at age three; he used a walker a year later; and by the time he was five-years-old he was walking on his own.

Unfortunately, Olam still isn’t talking, his fine motor skills are lacking, and he also has difficulty regulating his body temperature. But Olam and his family have not given up, and assistive technology helps Olam and his family in their battle against these challenges.

While he cannot yet speak, Olam communicates very well. He often uses an app called TouchChat, which talks for him. As a result, he can now interact better with friends, teachers, and family. Due to fine-motor deficiencies, Olam finds it difficult to use a spoon. Fortunately, Olam’s family found a “robo” spoon that remains level no matter how Olam twists, turns or angles it. Olam now feeds himself.

Because of Olam’s difficulties in regulating body temperature, his family had to limit family excursions during the summer months. He could only be outside for a short time before he overheated and risked a seizure. Online, Olam’s family found a cooling vest that Olam wears under his shirt that suppresses his core temperature. Olam’s family now spends fun family days at the zoo or an amusement park without worrying that he will overheat.

The effective use of assistive devices and technology inspired the creation of Olam’s Piggybank Grants. While Olam’s family can afford these items, there are many families who cannot. Olam’s Piggybank Grants are designed to help families in need—families who require assistive devices and technologies that will enhance the life of a loved one—families who steadfastly refuse to give up in the face of real challenges posed by a callosal disorder.