An Interview with Skyler Peterson – Father, Husband, NODCC Conference Attendee, and Person with C-ACC

By Miriam Bernard







NODCC community member Skyler Peterson was in a bicycling accident as a third grader, and only when medical professionals completed a brain scan did he and his family discover that he had complete agenesis of the corpus callosum. At the time, in 1993, there was very little information for individuals with ACC to better understand the workings of their brain, but Skyler, a native of Layton, Utah, managed his condition the best he could. Despite having limited informational resources through his youth and adolescence, he has led a very full life with his wife, and their four children ranging from ages 5-12. Skyler has worked for 15 years at a flour mill associated with his family’s church, and when not working, he stays busy spending time with his family, enjoying sports and spending quality time together.

Three years ago, Skyler and his wife were discussing that it would be helpful to have a resource or community regarding his brain condition, so Skyler could connect with others who understand his experience. It was then that the couple discovered the NODCC, and the robust community therein. Since then, Skyler states he has felt connected like never before. Soon after their learning of the NODCC, the conference in Frisco, Texas occurred, and Skyler and his family chose to attend. He said the experience of being around so many others just like him was overwhelmingly positive. “I was able to meet people and chat with people with similar disorders,” Skyler recalls. “It was really nice knowing I wasn’t alone in this. Everyone was very friendly. You could talk to anyone, and everyone there has a story. It was incredible to meet people and have people talk to me about my disability and know where their family members are struggling.”

There is not a particular moment of conference that sticks out to Skyler above others, but he states that the entire experience was enjoyable, especially surrounding the then-approaching 20th anniversary of the NODCC, and the gratitude that was poured out toward the NODCC staff and leaders, who give their all to make the organization and the event run smoothly.

When asked what he would say to someone on the fence about attending conference, Skyler shares, “You won’t know until you go. It’s such a tight community. Everyone is so close there; as close as family. You can get answers, support, and love. It’s a great way to feel included. The whole experience is very rewarding.” We hope you and your family join us this year at our NODCC conference, where you can meet Skyler, his family, and hundreds of other members of the DCC community. Online Registration closes on June 5th, 2024, so please click HERE to visit our website and register!