Reflections on What We Cherish About Our DCC Family Members this Valentine’s Day


Compiled by Miriam Bernard


This time of year, we hear the word “love” frequently, but we believe our NODCC community members understand better than almost anyone the true meaning of love. True love is selfless, unconditional, and all-accepting. It is basking in the joys and courageously navigating the struggles. It is understanding tiny gestures of love, even if they’re not accompanied by the words “I love you.”

This past month, we asked community members like you to share what you cherish about your DCC loved one, or if you have a DCC, what you love about yourself! We hope you feel the warmth and sweet spirits of each of these reflections and the darling accompanying photos, and that they help you feel grateful, ready to express your love and care for your own loved ones! Time passes quickly – take every chance possible to tell your family you love them!

Kim W.: “My daughter is a shining light.  Some days or moments we can run into a rough spot, but we love her every moment. Her heart is so big. She makes others around her feel special and loved (grandparents, teachers, other children). Her smile and laugh are infectious. She carries big feelings but who doesn’t love a big hug or a “Mom I love you, you’re the best?””







Vanessa R. : “Alexander gives the best hugs and has a great sense of humor. He has a unique style of artwork and reads stories out loud with amazing emotion and inflection. I can’t wait to watch him grow into himself.”








Samantha B.: “I love that our sweet baby girl is proving to everyone that she is strong. I love her determination and strength. I love that she is a fighter. I love the light and love that shines through her.”








Joyce B.: “My grandson, Joshy, has infectious joy for life. He is nonverbal but speaks joy with every action, every expression and every toss of his arms into the air. He brings a smile to my face every time I see him.”








Wayne M.: “There are many things I love about Lindsay. I love her deep love and care for all. And her playful spirit that lightens up any room.”








Nicole B.: “Amelia has the most infectious laughter and smile, and also the spunkiest personality!”








Corin B.: “I love that Ethan meets every obstacle and new challenge with the most positive attitude.  Even on hard days he manages to find SOMETHING good to call on.  Laughing and being silly are his love languages.  Ethan loves sharing the awesomeness of his unique brain and isn’t afraid to tell others that he might not be the fastest or the best but he will get things done! He is 8 and has stated that his brain “sometimes has to take the long way around” and we fully embrace that.”







Kristen Y.: “What do I love about him? Everything! I love his personality, sense of humor, intelligence, and the way he inspires me to be the best grandma I can be.”

We hope this Valentine’s Day brings you new opportunities and ways to share the LOVE in your home, your community, and with those you call family! Happy Valentine’s Day from the NODCC!