The Kids Camp at the DCC Conference will be available for up to 60 children who are registered conference attendees (with DCC or siblings aged 2-12) on a first registered basis. Kindly note that we do not offer care for children under the age of 2 years. The Teens Camp will provide activities for up to 20 teenagers (with DCC or siblings aged 13-17). The camps will be fully staffed by Corporate Kids Events (CKE).

Our goal is to provide children with a program they want to attend, while providing you with that critical peace of mind feeling so you can attend event activities. We want to provide your children with a comfortable, safe and happy experience.


Activities include exciting themes, arts & crafts, group games, music & movement, board games, story time, dramatic play, etc. Children are grouped based on activities and competence levels rather than ages. The goal in using these descriptions is to place your child in the group that best fits his or her skill-set and interests. We realize some teenagers cannot meet the requirements of the Camp, and a few children below age 13 might be “old beyond their years” so please use your best judgment in the selection of a group(s) for your child / children.

Only those registrants who check the request box on the conference registration form will be emailed the Kids &Teens Camps Registration Form. You will then receive a link via email to CKE’s website to register your child in the appropriate camp program.

These programs are fully funded through the fundraising efforts of many NODCC families and conference sponsors.

Kids Camp (open to ages 2 through 12)

Red Group

Typically includes children aged 2-7 or those who may be in diapers, who cannot toilet independently, and/or who are unable to walk. Preschool to early elementary activities include lots of playtime with age-appropriate toys, sing-along, storybook reading, and simple art projects. These children may transition back and forth to the quiet room to watch children’s movies or nap.

Blue Group

Typically includes children aged 8-12 who are ambulatory, who are toileting independently, and who are capable of independent activity and some self-monitoring. Activities include PlayStation, art projects, puzzles, toys for free play, and organized games.

Quiet Room

A quiet area will be provided for those children who are especially sensitive to loud noise. Quiet activities include book reading, puzzles, coloring, Play Dough table, watercolor painting, and watching appropriate children’s movies.

Teens Camp (open to ages 13 through 17)

Participants (with or without DCC) must be verbal, ambulatory, and able to self-care. Activities include discussion groups, PlayStation, board games, listening to music, art projects, interactive competitions and much more.

Guidelines & Requirements

  1. Parents must sign the Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for the Kids and Teens Camps prior to releasing their child/children to CKE and volunteer/unpaid caretakers. Child/children must be signed in and out on the log sheet by a parent each time they are admitted or released from the care taking rooms. If a child requires immediate parental attention, a caretaker will bring the parent from the conference area to the child. No child will be released from the care taking rooms without a parent. Caretakers will only be responsible for watching, playing and supervising craft activities with children within the confines of the Kids and Teens Camps rooms.
  2. Volunteer caretakers will not be responsible for the feeding of any food, drinks or medications to any child. Parent(s) will be responsible for ensuring their child/children is fed lunch, snacks and drinks. Water will be provided to children upon their request in the Kids and Teens Camps rooms.
  3. Caretakers are not responsible for children’s naps. However, if a parent provides a playpen or other sleeping device, children may relax in the quiet room.
  4. Parent(s) is responsible for all diaper changing and restroom special needs. Every effort will be made by the caretakers to ensure all children’s restroom needs are met in a timely fashion; but we encourage parents to check in periodically during the day to take their child to the restroom in order to avoid emergency situations.
  5. Please label your child’s belongings, however, we ask that your child/children not bring personal toys to the program at the risk of losing them. We will maintain a “lost and found” box, however, CKE/NODCC do not accept responsibility for the loss or theft of any toy, book, electronic game or other personal items. Also, please be aware that many of the craft activities will include paint, markers, glue and other supplies, which may damage clothing. We suggest you dress your child/children in comfortable, casual clothing.
  6. Ensure a safe and fun-filled environment, any child who is ill will not be admitted to the Kids and Teens Camps rooms. Due to the special needs nature of many of the children attending the conference, parents are encouraged to check on their child/children throughout the day. Please be forthcoming when completing the registration form regarding your child/children’s health and/or physical limitations so we can ensure proper supervision and care.
  7. We ask all parents carrying a cell phone or pager with them during the conference to please keep it on and set on vibrate so we can directly contact you should your child/children need assistance.