• By Kathryn Schilmoeller PhD and Lynn Paul PhD, illustrated by Cindy Reisenauer ($20.00 each) Meet Dexter! A delightful red-haired boy who has ACC. In this short story, Dexter explains what ACC is and tells the reader how having ACC impacts his life
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    Bio-Washed Baseball Hat in Stone with NODCC Logo on front and DCC Awareness Ribbon on Back
  • Disorders of the Corpus Callosum Booklet Series: “Vol. 1: Introduction to Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum” By L. Paul, PhD. This 20-page booklet provides a basic overview of what is the corpus callosum, what is a callosal disorder and how it happens. Provides an explanation of the various types of callosal disorders (agenesis, partial and hypoplasia), how the disorder is diagnosed, what to expect & a glossary of terms. Good publication to give your child’s physicians, therapists and educators
  • Brochure: “Disorders of the Corpus Callosum - Facts about ACC and Other Diagnoses” This NODCC produced brochure provides brief one-sentence facts about the corpus callosum (CC), what causes CC disorders, how CC disorders are diagnosed, incidence, treatment and common characteristics of a callosal disorder. A handy brochure to give to your child’s physicians, therapists and educators.
  • During this 1-day seminar about DCC research:
    • NODCC Scientific Advisors will describe the process of conducting a research study in 2022 and answer the questions above. 
    • Leading experts (see below) will explain what is currently known about DCC and provide an overview of the active research questions scientists are working to answer.
  • DVD: “Neurologic Issues in Disorders of the Corpus Callosum” By E. Sherr, MD. A filmed keynote presentation by Dr. Elliott Sherr at the NODCC ACC Conference 2004 held in Madison, Wisconsin. This DVD includes two lectures entitled: How to get the most from your neurologist’s visit and ACC and other diagnoses. Provides important insights on disorders of the corpus callosum for families and individuals living with a callosal disorder
  • “ACC Basics: Neuroanatomy, Functions, Cognitive Process” By W. Brown, PhD. A filmed keynote presentation by Dr. Warren Brown at the NODCC Conference 2003 held in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Brown presents basic anatomic definitions, as well as research findings regarding the cognitive and psychosocial impact of agenesis of the corpus callosum. An excellent introduction to disorders of the corpus callosum for families, medical professionals and educators.
  • Introducing…EMME AND ME We are thrilled to announce a new children’s book!! In Emme and Me, 9-year-old Maya shares the story of her family and her life with her older sister, Emme, who has dysgenesis of the corpus callosum. Through the words of this young girl, we get a heartwarming glimpse at the ups and downs of living with a sibling who has a disability. The book was written by clinical psychologist/neuroscientist Lynn K. Paul, Ph.D. and Rachel Steiner, who is the proud sister of a brother with complete ACC. Illustrations were done by Cindy Reisenauer, an author, illustrator and teacher who has an adult son with complete ACC.
  • Gildan 100% Cotton T-shirt in Navy with new NODCC Brain design. We are currently out of all Youth sizes. Please email us at if you need these sizes.
  • Silicone Bracelet with NODCC’s mission statement: “NODCC Understanding The Conditions • Enhancing Lives"


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