The NODCC is committed to encouraging excellence in treatment of disorders of the corpus callosum, as well as innovative interdisciplinary research on these conditions. To that aim, the NODCC has created a Scientific Advisory Board comprised of medical clinicians, neuropsychologists, and neuroscience researchers, some of whom are parents of children with DCC.

NODCC Scientific Advisory Board

The NODCC Scientific Advisory Board facilitates connections between researchers and individuals with DCC via notices regarding subject recruitment throughout the year and by approving scientifically sound and important research to be conducted at the DCC Conference. The Scientific Advisory Board also provides expert advice to physicians, psychologists, and other professionals treating individuals with DCC, updates NODCC members regarding recent scientific advances, and encourages new lines of research and collaboration that will aid our understanding of DCC.

Medical and Research Related Resources

Medical Glossary includes definitions of various syndromes that may involve DCC, as well as concomitant medical and neurological conditions that may accompany DCC.

Diagnosing Corpus Callosum Disorders includes important recommendations regarding screening for DCC, methods of diagnosis, best practices in neuroimaging for DCC, common behavioral outcomes, and recommendations for helping families.

Research Programs lists established research programs that are studying DCC and have been reviewed by our SAB. This includes information about project objectives and recruitment criteria. Scientists who are interested in being listed on the NODCC website or conducting research at the DCC Conference, should submit a proposal to the SAB as described in Research Proposal Guidelines.

Recently Published Research includes references and abstracts on behavioral and medical studies of interest.

Additional Useful Resources for Professionals

Corpus Callosum Disorders section of this website provides information regarding DCC that is easily accessible to families and people who are not in the medical profession. It also includes a broader glossary, answers to commonly asked questions, and helpful information for people dealing with a new diagnosis.

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